Hello friends and colleagues, 

My name is Bryan. I've been a music lover since I can remember, but I haven't been performing / composing any music since I moved to Brooklyn. I've devised this scheme (it is a scheme) to try and coax myself into recording more regularly. Here is the premise of this site.

  • I will record and post one song a day for thirty days, starting May 4th (ending June 2nd).
  • The song must be at least 60 seconds long. 
  • The song must have at least two elements (i.e. voice and guitar, guitar and thumb drum, etc.)
  • All sound may only be recorded through one SM-57 omnidirectional microphone.
  • The song may only be recorded onto two tracks -- that is, very limited overdubbing. 
  • The song must be imagined, recorded and bounced in 60 minutes.
  • The song must be completed in one take. 
  • The tracks cannot be altered using EQ, effects or mastering equipment.
  • All sound must be produced using acoustic guitar, thumb drum, voice or banging on things.
Thank you for your help. Enjoy. 

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